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The simple value of blogging

March 27, 2013


This will be my final post to the Practical Tactical Marketing blog. By this, you should know that I am not in business any longer…

I will no longer be helping you to succeed in your job, meet other people with similar challenges and interests, or get home from work earlier.

I will no longer be advancing thought and conversation about business storytelling, or creating any new information worth sharing.

It has been a good many years since I first went into business helping you find all the audiences that would benefit from your expertise, training you to express your unique value proposition to these varied audiences, developing practical go-to-market strategies, and building the tactical content you need in order to explain the value of your business. (you’re welcome)

But, when this blog disappears, it will all be over.

All of this (and less) is what you are telling customers and prospective customers if you don’t blog.

My point is simple: If you want customers to believe you know enough to create products and solutions that meet their needs, you need to show them that you understand their needs nearly every day.

Yes, this is my first post to this Practical Tactical Marketing blog, and yes, there will be many more.

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