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Marketing definitions

April 1, 2013
Marketing definitions

For some time now, I’ve noticed there’s a problem in the mind of everyone who tries to think about how to market their business. Sure, company owners know they need to find interested audiences and raise awareness, but they’re confused by the language of professional marketers. The poor definitions of marketing tools and practices are creating false expectations, barriers to success, and more than a little lack of faith in marketing.

One common point of confusion is around the use of the word “lead” or “sales lead”. Marketers call every name delivered by an online form a lead – instead of just an interested person or registrant. Without continuous and progressive nurturing, all you have are registrants and sales teams should NEVER waste their time calling unqualified online registrants. We fail our businesses by misleading the sales organization that our online forms are capturing sales leads.

Another marketing term causing confusion is “PR”. At many companies this term still translates into writing a traditional press release announcement and calling the same list of media contacts when (and only when) a new product is released. This siloed effort may get your release picked-up and produce occasional articles, but the results end there. Your public, your audience is social now. Any relationship with that audience must be social too.

Company owners and their sales teams don’t respect these marketing results and it makes our jobs of delivering and communicating real business value much harder.

So, how else are your marketing efforts struggling to explain their value within your company?

What expectations do you have from marketing that aren’t being met?

Marketers, what are we going to do about this perception?

This won’t be my last post on ways to define marketing practices to bring specific value to companies, but first I would like to hear more examples from marketers and owners alike of how companies are defining some standard marketing practices today.

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