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Where media is innovation

April 5, 2013
Telegraph Key

Most recently, my background is in the related industries of technology and online media. They were mid-sized to very large corporate environments. They were cutting edge market players in established spaces. And, they struggled to find a place for and comfort with social media.

As a Gen Xer, the shifts to “new” media, as it was called just 10 years ago, and now social media seemed natural, equal (albeit more convenient) to traditional media, and thoroughly unavoidable.

Now, I’m meeting many company owners from different industries — the small, new local business that make up 96% of all companies. While they certainly aren’t familiar with the intricacies and case studies on best and worst practices, they do understand the potential.

They have ideas, unique objectives and the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to try anything. Call it social business, referral engines, inbound marketing or anything else – these small businesses are the future of new media practices.

That brings me to a question. Do you think social media is forcing companies closer to their audience, or is it uncertain economic conditions that drive them to try anything new?

  1. Sue Thirlwall permalink

    Great question Chris as not an easy one to answer either! Thanks for forcing me to think through the evolution versus revolution that will impact all of use as we determine how to best strive for true innovation and results!

    • Thanks, Sue. I think part of it is simply trying something new – anything – as long as you’re willing to stand behind it personally.

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