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A content marketing defense

April 10, 2013
A content marketing defense

A friend asked me the other day, “So, how does content marketing work? How does giving away all your proprietary business information make money? Why can’t people just copy what you tell them and use it themselves?”.

I asked her what her major was in college and whether she had been able to copy what was taught to her in so many classes and to use it herself. Of course, the answer was, “No”.

It takes a lot more than reading and instructions to really learn.  It takes real experience, a lot of practice, near-endless time, and a genuine, personal interest before we learn things well. Her classes had given her a foundation on which to understand a specific field, but they hadn’t prepared her to pickup where countless years of research had paused to write a text book.

A content marketing strategy works the same way. Without content from your company, your audience doesn’t know what you are capable of.  But, even with the most detailed story you tell them about your experiences – from varied perspectives and with multiple examples in widely publicized, syndicated media such as written case studies, videos, blog posts, interviews and more – they will never be able to reproduce what you accomplish every day.

Marketing with interesting content proves your value and your unique position in the market before you (or your sales teams) ever speak a word.

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