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A better copy writer

April 22, 2013
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This article from MarketingProfs, “Is Your Email Subject Line Creative… or Deceptive?” and some recent conversations with (almost all of) my clients and some prospects has reminded me how universal the challenge of good copywriting is to marketing in every industry.

When interviewing potential new marketing employees, I have always asked them if they like writing and for examples of that – not whether they are good writers. Most people believe they write well – and most can for a particular audience – but it’s a marketer’s job to write well for each new audience they discover.

Each communication, whether a whitepaper, video or field sales collateral, needs to relate to some part of the business’s story and explain it in some new way. A practiced (yet always learning) marketing copywriter will extend the conversation you have with your market in every piece they write.

In email subject lines, both familiarity and shock will return great open rates for a little while, but over the life of a respectable company, familiarity needs to be earned and shock has no value. Writing a good heading, paragraph or page, is not the same as building a full brand story with recurring themes (the benefits you bring) and characters (your solutions and services).

Good copywriting can still incorporate proven, persuasive writing techniques like these from Unbounce, but only when they’re used as part of well thought-out communication plans. Otherwise, your content will quickly have all the value of spam with or without the inbox delivery.

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