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Your audience is watching

May 1, 2013
Puzzle pieces

Inspired by the iMedia article I shared on LinkedIn recently, I’d like to start explaining content marketing for new businesses.

What are you doing right now that your audience – prospective clients! – is watching?

Are you answering a customer’s questions, defining a new service, building a Powerpoint presentation, or meeting face-to-face?

What do they all have in common?

If they’re all part of the same business, you’d better have an answer.

Everything is content with a definable objective.
Everything is content with the potential of valuable information for your audience about who you are.

  • Customer support conversations
  • Off-hour outgoing messages
  • PPT presentations
  • Press interviews and releases
  • Networking event participation.

These are just a few of the often overlooked brand content pieces that cumulatively have a huge effect on how your audience sees you. They are always watching you. You take your business home with you every night and, if you are careful, so will they.

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